Packaging and transport requirements for patient samples -- UN3373
2020-03-23  |  Recent News

What is UN specification packaging ?

UN Spec Packaging is designed to contain dangerous goods. Having been tested to a specific standard set out by the United Nations, UN rated packaging ensures dangerous goods are safely contained under normal conditions of transportation. UN specification packaging is readily identifiable by its unique packaging code.

What is a UN single package?

UN specification packaging designed to solely contain dangerous goods. No inner packagings are required for a single packaging to perform its containment function; dangerous goods are therefore in direct contact with UN single packagings.

95kapa specimen transport bag

95kpa bag satisfy IATA ,P650 and fulfilling the rquired 95kpa pressure test .Also 95kpa bag with extra pocket of protection against biological hazard .Its not only protect samples during transportation but ensures safe handling

Bomei Packaging can supply 95kpa bags, safety boxes ,we have our laboratory ,we can provide certificated leakproof bags for biohazard request .

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Packaging and transport requirements for patient samples -- UN3373